Blackjack live

The differences to normal Blackjack

Rules of the game

Apart from special variants, the rules do not differ from those in the real casino. You have the same decision-making options, except that the execution in the online casino takes place via the software. However, the action in Live Blackjack takes place at a real table with a real dealer.

The online casino is therefore also suitable as preparation for going to a real casino. You can familiarise yourself with the conventions at a table and thus gain your first Live Blackjack experience even as a beginner and transfer it directly to the real world.

Communication and atmosphere

In a live casino on the Internet, an atmosphere is created that comes close to that of a real casino. The live stream and the dealer allow you to immerse yourself in the game. You sit comfortably at home, but you are not surrounded by the other players. At the same time, however, the social component is also served because there is communication with the dealer.

Independence of time and place

When you play Live Blackjack online, you are free to decide when, where and how you play. You can play at your desk in your study or with your tablet on your bed; the transmission via live stream is only one-sided. Just play wherever you feel comfortable. There is no dress code and no opening hours. The good Live Blackjack Casinos have a table ready for you at any time.

Game offer

In addition, the game selection is larger in the online casino. You not only have more tables to choose from, but also more limits and variants of Live Blackjack. As a rule, the operators of online casinos have partners like Vivo Gaming who provide the live tables and software. When organising the live tables, less attention has to be paid to the building selection and the needs of the customers as in a real casino. As a result, live tables from online casinos require less space and money.

Live vs. virtual blackjack

Playing on the internet has become a method that excites many casino fans. The virtual card game has evolved a lot in the 20 or so years that casino sites have been around – from just showing the cards to video simulations with a simulated game master. Live Blackjack in online casinos, on the other hand, is the next step in further narrowing the differences between a real and a virtual casino.

In contrast to live blackjack, with virtual card games you have an even greater choice because the game execution is carried out by means of software. This allows the operators to be very creative in terms of design. You also have more choice in terms of variants and table limits. You can also benefit from blackjack bonus offers.

The stakes at the live tables are somewhat higher because the casino has to bear higher costs due to the additional effort. They sometimes reach the limits in a high roller online casino. Most casinos offer live tables with stakes of about five dollars. With virtual blackjack, it already starts in the microlimits with low, two-digit cent amounts.

For many players, however, the biggest advantage is the personal component through the live dealer. Even the best video simulation can’t recreate the sympathy for a person and the atmosphere of a real casino environment to the same extent.

In addition, the live dealer offers another advantage: no RNG software (Random Number Generator) has to be used for Live Blackjack. This provides an additional feeling of security for the players because they can watch the dealer in real time.

Live Blackjack Software Providers

Live games are usually the responsibility of specialised software companies that develop applications for online casinos. These companies also provide the live games. However, there are numerous companies that provide the virtual casinos with the necessary services. Among them are, for example, the following software developers that also offer live blackjack:

  • Evolution Gaming.
  • Ezugi.
  • Lucky Streak.
  • NetEnt.
  • Microgaming.
  • Playtech.
  • Vivo Gaming.
  • XPRO Gaming.

Competition is also stimulating business here. Combined with technological advances, the delivery of live games is getting better and better. As the market leader, Evolution Gaming also demonstrates excellent implementation in the live tables. Of course, the different providers show different quality. A look at the operator of the online casino alone is not enough when choosing. If you are looking for high-quality games, your online casino must work with correspondingly good partners such as NetEnt or Playtech. When it comes to quality, there’s hardly anyone who can fool Evolution Gaming.

This doesn’t just mean the picture quality, which is now broadcast in HD at the best online casinos. The design and atmosphere also differ. Some providers work with large halls in which several tables are set up, which improves the transmission of the casino atmosphere. Others use a green screen, where only the blackjack table and the live dealer are real. Here, your taste decides which provider you prefer.

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