Police Found an Underground Casino

Canadian Police Found an Underground Casino in a $ 9,000,000 Mansion

The number of clandestine casinos in Toronto has grown significantly lately, which, according to local police, is caused by bans due to the growing pandemic. The vast majority of the settled casino establishments and poker rooms have been terminated or have experienced a number of limitations. That is why the game of poker and other gambling began to be offered illegally. 

In our time, such accidents are unusual as online gambling is prevailing. It’s not unreasonable as gambling establishments offer a lot of attractive services and thousands of games. Due to a wide collection of popular games provided by Cookie Casino Canada and other successful gambling platforms, boredom does not have a chance during the pandemic. That’s why discovering of underground brick-and-mortar casinos seem something unbelievable and resonant.  

Discovering the Underground Casino

Underground Casino

In the last 3 months alone, 3 underground casinos were discovered and closed in the capital. The largest of these was in a $ 9,000,000 mansion owned by a married couple.

  • The mansion was heavily guarded, with an impressive wine cellar and bar, kennels for German guard dogs.
  • The establishment has 10 meter high ceilings, 13 bathrooms, an elevator, an indoor pool, and a garage for 8 cars. 
  • In order to get into the casino, players needed an invitation, and inside, in addition to illegal games, guests were also treated to illegal delicacies, for example, shark fins.
  • After a search of the mansion, law enforcement officers seized more than $ 1,000,000 in Canadian dollars, 11 firearms, slot machines and tables, and alcohol, totaling more than $ 1,500,000. 
  • 33 participants were detained and 70 criminal cases were brought against them.

Some regulators have advised the gaming industry to take additional measures to protect players during times of heightened risk due to the pandemic. These indicators raise several important questions. It remains unclear to what extent the isolation has fueled the growth of the online gambling market and the emergence of new online players. A certain part of them will return to offline gambling after the gambling establishments reopen.

A considerable part of casino players says they have been influenced by the emergency and excessive isolation measures. According to the majority of players, the primary goals to start the game are called winning, fun, enthusiasm, and interest. Still, the upward trend in internet betting has not spread generally across the world. 

Nevertheless, this “forced” migration to the online world has changed gaming practices and habits. The question remains how exactly these habits will fit into the new everyday life of people and what place they will take in it. Scientists around the world are studying these issues and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on gambling.

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