Diego El Pibe de Oro Slot Machine

Diego El Pibe de Oro Slot Machine

The year was 1986, and the decisive stages of the football World Cup were being played in Mexico. Argentina and England met in the quarter-finals, in a match to remember. Diego Armando Maradona would become Victor Hugo Morales’ “Cosmic Kite” and, at the same time, the representative of “the Hand of God” on earth. The rest is history, with a world champion Albiceleste team and an idol sanctified in life through blood, sweat and tears.


Despite its classic 5×3 format, Diego El Pibe de Oro is not a slot machine like the rest. The soundtrack that gives rhythm to the dynamics of the game, the images of gold rings and watches, diamond tendrils and crucifixes make up an atmosphere that, without directly mentioning him, aims to convey the unique presence of the already legendary Maradona. The “Barrilete” himself is represented by a symbol more reminiscent of his early days as a coach than as a player which, according to the pre-set combinations, can release special prizes. The theoretical return is equal to 96.05%, the winning combinations add up to 15 options, and the bets allowed range from 75 to 30,000 credits.


Eleven icons make up Diego El Pibe de Oro’s low and high value symbol card. Four of them are jewels as mentioned in the previous paragraph, and the rest are letters that can change their value depending on the number of Scatters that appear on the reels. These wilds, which substitute for all other available figures, are represented by a flat bust image of Maradona, whose positioning on screen (minimum 3) allows for variable bonuses to be activated and, on certain occasions, even helps to boost the winnings obtained after each spin.

Free spins, bonuses and jackpots

Free spins are the main bonus awarded by Diego El Pibe de Oro, and to get them you need to land at least three Scatters on the interface. If this happens, the machine awards between 8 and 12 free spins, which are activated immediately and can also reinforce the winnings initially projected. In parallel, and according to the number of Argentine player icons that appear, the system can award up to 5 times the value of the amount wagered.

Another outstanding feature of GameArt’s slot machine is the ability of the so-called Scatters, which is related to the possibility of transforming low-value figures into Wilds and, therefore, increasing the chances of winning prizes.


Diego Armando Maradona’s legacy transcends the world of football, and it was not necessary for him to pass away, as he did in December 2020, to know and understand it. The ball, the incredible plays, and his goals, were the pillars of a life story full of great feats on the football pitch. The aim of Diego El Pibe de Oro is to keep the name of the controversial player, who for many was a symbol of luck and victories, present. GameArt manages to combine on a classic screen a narrative full of fame and fortune, complemented by the eternal adoration of those who seek to enjoy a little more of the unmistakable image of the crack of Fiorito.

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