Casino Robbery

How the Intelligent Robbers Act While Getting Into Casinos

In fiction films, casino robberies are planned very carefully, inventive fraudsters think over every detail and gracefully bring their plans to life. In real life, robberies of gambling establishments are absolutely different from those that we see on the screen.

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Silent Casino Robbery

The most famous casino robbery took place without firing a shot. The thief did not have to undermine or otherwise illegally enter the territory of the gambling establishment. One fine day, American casino employee Bill Brennan just put $ 500 thousand in his bag and quietly left his workplace. Since then, no one has seen him again.

This incident happened in 1992. Due to the fact that Brennan worked in the casino for a very long time and proved himself well, the guards at the exit did not check his personal belongings, not even suspecting that the man was leaving the casino with a huge amount of money.

Family Business

Sometimes they rob casinos with the whole family. Such a case happened in Texas – a father and sons pulled out a double robbery of a casino. The head of the Royal Maine Hopper family worked for the casino security, which gave him access to all security protocols. After a while, he and his sons Bobby and Jeff carried out two robberies at once.

The first raid on the casino was quite quiet, and the family took away a small amount with them. But the second robbery was completely different. This time the family used a whole arsenal – fake moustaches, beards, wigs and even smoke bombs were used. It was the huge amount of smoke that helped the criminals leave the gambling establishment without any problems. However, the police soon arrested the robbers.

Almost Bonnie and Clyde

Sometimes lovers are also involved in robberies. In 1993, 21-year-old Heather Tallchief met Robert Solis, who turned out to be a repeat offender. However, this did not scare the girl away and soon together they organized a robbery of the famous Las Vegas casino Circus Circus. Robert Solis asked Heather to help him pull this off, promising to marry her.

  • This robbery turned out to be quite spectacular, as the couple flew into the casino, breaking the wall with their car. 
  • Threatening with a pistol, the hijackers took with them $ 2.5 million. 
  • For a very long time, the police were looking for thieves, but soon the case was closed. 

13 years later, Heather herself came to the police station. The girl said that her lover left her shortly after the robbery. Heather told the police where Robert Solis is now, and even helped return some of the stolen money to the casino.

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